Clusters: An Illustrated Introduction

By Joe Cortright and Lotte Langkilde

Illustrated by Mike Russell, Adrian Wallace, and Bill Mudron

Most people know about clusters from the well-publicized success of Califoria’s Silicon Valley.  But understanding clusters is essential to understanding regional economic growth, why some places succeed and others fail, and why—even in the age of the Internet—your location has a profound effect on business and community success. This new guide to understanding economics – in comic book form – provides students, citizens, and community leaders with an accessible and informative introduction to industry clusters. This vital perspective, previously available only in dry academic studies, comes alive in an illustrated, full-color format with real-world examples of how this important concept influences business success.

In Clusters and Your Economy:  An Illustrated Introduction, Joe Cortright and Lotte Langkilde show how industry clusters—concentrations of businesses, skilled workers, and customers in particular places—are a key factor in driving local economic prosperity. To read more, go here.